Dysmorphin’ Time! (2016)


My debut show “Dysmorphin’ Time!” can be downloaded from Bandcamp. I’ve made the first two tracks free so people can get a sense of what the show is about. I never thought I’d be able to get a full show together, let alone one that was received so well.

Recorded live in The Stag’s Head during the Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016, as part of a tour that also included sold out shows in Edinburgh, London, and New York.

Millions of people have watched Davey eat and dress online. A year ago, he wasn’t comfortable doing these things in front of his closest friends. What changed? Find out as “one of Ireland’s funniest up-and-comers” (entertainment.ie) explores his issues with eating, body dysmorphia, and masculinity.

“It’s amazing to watch a one-man comedy gig achieve what often takes a whole cast, elaborate set and theatrical conceit.” – Meg.ie

“Great fuckin’ show!” – Chris Gethard